The Main Reason Women Are 87% More Likely to Initiate Divorce

And Why Most Men Are Taken Completely by Surprise.
The Main Reasons Why Women Are So Much More Likely to Initiate Divorce

There are many reasons women initiate divorce, but a recent study found that six out of every ten women cited stress and work pressure as the main cause for their decision. Other reasons include physical violence, verbal abuse, and emotional problems.

Most people think that divorce happens because the wife gets fed up with the husband. But the reality is that most of the time it’s because the husband gets fed up with the wife. And yet, more than 80% of the divorces filed in America today are initiated by women. 

What is the reason for divorce? There are two basic reasons why women initiate divorce. They may have found their partner is in a new relationship or they just don’t want to be married any more.

Most people are getting very anxious by the idea of getting divorced. People hate to get divorced. That’s why most people try to avoid divorce like the plague. Why? They’re afraid. Afraid of being hurt, afraid of being alone, afraid of being caught up in a custody battle. But in the end, it really is much better for both parties. 

When the kids are away at school, it can be easy to forget about how important it is to stay married. But there are six reasons why women are so much more likely to initiate divorce than men. And one of them is the most surprising: They just plain hate to pay the bills.

Divorce is always a bad experience, but it’s even worse when you’re the one initiating it. Divorce affects everyone involved. No one is spared. A person who has been through a divorce often feels a loss of self-confidence, a sense of loss, and an emotional setback. When you’re the initiator of a divorce, there’s also a loss of status. You lose the respect of your family and friends. Your relationships with your kids change dramatically. You lose control over your own destiny.

Women may not think they’ve done anything wrong when they initiate a divorce, but they’re often the ones who have the most to gain from the separation. Women who initiate a divorce know that they often gain custody of the children, which means that the financial responsibility falls on the shoulders of the man.

The main reason why women initiate a divorce is the feeling of getting a second chance in life. They have paid a high price in raising the children and most women sacrifice their business career for the ideal family life. But at a certain point they just are not willing anymore to put up with these high costs. Even more so if they do not feel loved and admired anymore by their husband as they use to.

The other thing you gain is peace of mind. When you have a partner who’s not willing to be committed in the way that was present at the start of the relationship, women tend to worry a lot about their self worth which has a bad influence on their self esteem.  Getting that fresh start is not only career wise or romantically wise, but also more fundamental, self esteem wise. 

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